Who we are

Point to Paper started as part of its sister company Pronty (original founded in 1954) later Yart Factory.

In 2009 it became an independent sister company and was renamed Point to Paper B.V.

In mid spring 2020, Point to Paper merged with its sister company Yart Factory B.V. and continues as a brand within Yart Factory for in-service laser punching of paper and more.

Our first laser cutting machine dates from 2001, under the wings of Pronty B.V.. All in all, Point to Paper now has more than 19 years of experience with lasers, laser cutting files and laser cutting services.

Our Team

Our team is based on :

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Mastering of tools
  • Team spirit 
Name Title Language
Joep Hoffmans B BE      CEO and founder Dutch, German, English
Jaap van de Wouw Sales director Dutch, German, English
Eric Kamp Order management Dutch, German, English
Karin Smits  Controller Dutch, English
And not to forget all our fantastic production staff!

Our Services

Point to Paper provides the service of laser cutting in printed matter, unprinted paper and cardboard to any company or organisation that deals with these materials. Our mission is to improve the presentation of our clients products by offering excellent laser cutting services. Read more about our services.

Laser cutting process

  • Advice, in how to deliver and design your product.
  • Drawing service, in case you are not able to draw we can offer you help in creating your design.
  • Technical possibilities, laser cutting is a general term, but it does not mean that cutting is all you can do.

Our Clients

Our core target groups are the graphical, packaging and web-to-print industries, but these are not the only companies that we provide this service for. We laser cut and mark for companies all over Europe. The editions can vary from one to many thousands. For examples of our work click here.


About Point to Paper

Let us introduce ourselves! Watch the video with Joep Hoffmans

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