Target industries

Target industries

The short preparation time, low configuration costs, paper cut width, paper formats, large scale of paper weight and types and the possibilities to have single copies, small series or very large series; these are a few of the reasons why many companies are using our service.

Our main target industries be can be divided into several categories.

Paper industry

Promotion kits for presentation of their paper.

Printing industry

Professional printers that deliver business cards, birth cards, wedding cards etc.

Web to print

We provide the possibility to web-to-print companies to add laser cutting to their range.

Luxery industry

Luxury gift wrapping, invitations and decorations for exclusive events, themed gift wrappings (Christmas, Mother’s Day etc.), shop window decorations etc.

Personalisation of packaging for exclusive brands such as the perfume and cosmetic industry.

Packaging industry

Digital packaging, a.o. cardboard boxes, paper bags, headers, stickers, retail packaging all with simple designs for daily packaging

Graphic designers and communication agencies

Books and book covers for special projects, marketing tools, flyers etc.,

Various industries

Artists, paper art, paper architecture, picture processing , museums, paper designers, design studios, paper manufacturers and designer, publishers, architects

And all other who are looking for extra value for their paper products and projects.