Printing Finishing advice

Printing sheets can have different types of finishing. It can be laminated, varnished, covered with foil, embossed and so on. We can process sheets with various kinds of finishing.


1 of 2 sided laminate (glossy/dull finish) is usually not a problem. The laminate may not contain PVC.

Varnish or coating

Standard dispersion lack is normally not a problem.
Please contact us for standard spot UV .

Foil stamping

Metal foil needs to be tested. Please contact us for advice.


Sheets can be embossed in advance when the laser cutting does not need to cross these areas.


Sheets can be diecut and creased in advance.


If we need to laser the cover, a book can be bound. If we need to laser more pages, it depends on the way the book is bound. It must be possible to separate a page by turning the other pages away completely. ingbound is okay. Adhesive binding, saddle stitching or paperbound books can not be lasered unless the design is the same for each page. The we can cut the book through and through.

Cut edges

We can process printing sheets both with or without cut edges. It is important to tell us what you deliver and to define if sizes are with or without cutting edges.

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