Vector Laser engraving and etching

Vector laser engraving and etching is the same technique. Generally engraving means that you are marking the outlines of a design, end etching means that you are marking the design itself. By vector laser engraving we mean that the laser is following the vector paths. The laser beam vaporizes material to a user-controlled depth. This means that a top layer will be removed without cutting through the material. With this system we can also make creasing lines.

By adjusting the laser parameters it is possible to obtain both superficial as well as deep markings.

Laser paper colour change

Laser engraving changes the colour of the portion of processed material.

White paper

Laser engraving white paper will give a light brown colour, as the laser is scorching the paper with heat.

Coloured paper

Laser engraving coloured paper can change the colour of the path followed by the laser. Some colour pigments in the paper can change as the heat of the laser changes the molecules of the pigment. The molecules of the material itself however remain unchanged. Deliberately using paper with added thermo-active pigment (see Paper Advice) can add extra finishing to your design as the colour of the engraved part can be taken into account. To be sure of the colour after engraving we advise to have your paper tested by us before finishing your design.

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