For our 2015 laser cut sample kit we have used the following paper qualities:

Page 1. Top page: 300 grams gloss machine coated paper. Printed one side full colour. With a gloss lamination on one side.


Page 2. Laser Cutting: Corrugated cardboard, text sample book 2

Page 3. Laser cutting: Craft paper 300 grams

Page 4. Laser engraving - etching: Chromatico rosa

Page 5. Laser kiss cutting: Fasson High Gloss white

Page 6. Laser creasing: Fedrigoni aurum 300 grams gold


Page 7. Laser micro perforation: 100 grams fastprint gold

Page 8. Packaging -Fonts: Antalis pop'set lime tonic 240 grams

Page 9. Laser imaging: Enveloprint Black 240 grams

Page 10. Laser Lines: Curious Metallics blueprint 300 gr.

Page 11. Laser cutting: Papyrus Plike red 240 grams


Page 12.  Back page: M-real Zanders GmbH  Papyrus Chromolux black


Request a sample kit ? Click here


Laser cut sample book, available on request ( not for consumers ! )


Über Point to Paper

Laserstanzung und filigrane Stanzung mit Laser.

Erlauben Sie uns, uns vorzustellen! Schauen Sie sich das Video mit Joep Hoffmans, B BE, CEO und Gründer an.

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