Paper architecture projects

Paper Architecture is the art of creating an object out of a single piece of paper

For  Paper Architecture projects we work together with the Paper Architect - Artist Ingrid Siliakus  from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
See Ingrids website for all her wonderful projects.

To design a pattern from scratch, the artist needs the skills of an architect to create a two-dimensional design, which, with the patience and precision of a surgeon, becomes an ingenious three-dimensional wonder of paper. After the design stage, creating a paper architecture art work is done by a combination of detailed laser  cutting and folding.

For commercial quantities Point to Paper takes care of the production of the projects.
We can provide paper, laser cutting, folding and further production.
Of course, it is also possible to deliver and design your own project.

Special projects we did with Ingrid Siliakus: Christmas Card BouwfondsCAMP NOU - BARCELONAInviatations cards ADCN, Denver Art Museum

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